Let’s Save Palo Verde

Let’s Save Palo Verde

March 15, 2016


In 2012, the Let’s Save Palo Verde campaign was a fundraising effort which aimed to collaborate in the recovery and conservation of the Palo Verde International Wetland, by donating the machinery required to control and eradicate the invasive species known as the Typha, which is one of the main threats to the conservation of this ecosystem.
In addition, FCR created a fund for the purchase of spare parts and maintenance required for the annual use of such machinery.


The funds raised in the Let’s Save Palo Verde Campaign have been invested to support the development and continuous improvement of Palo Verde National Park. Some of these initiatives included:
-Successful intervention of 300 hectares of the Palo Verde Lagoon, where species have returned because of the rescue of these wetlands.
-Preventive maintenance of tractors donated in 2012.
-Organization of the IV Bird Festival, which opened its doors to more than 700 people. Through press management the campaign had 31 published articles, $64,769 invested in publicity, $161,923 PR Value and 80.9 times return on investment.
-Progress has been made on the Master Plan for the Palo Verde Lagoon elevated trail (design donated by the firm Robles Arquitectos). The plan includes sensorial stations and technical studies donated by the firm Castro de la Torre and other professionals, to achieve the environmental viability of this project and turn this trail into a reality.

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