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Conservation with the private sector

What is the BRIDGE Project?

The BRIDGE Project is an initiative that promotes strategic partnerships between environmental funds in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa and the private sector through innovative financial mechanisms that contribute towards the 2030 global biodiversity conservation goals.

The initiative is implemented by Forever Costa Rica for the benefit of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds (RedLAC) and the Consortium of African Funds for the Environment (CAFÉ).

Conservación con sector privado

Proyecto BRIDGE une a América Latina, Caribe, África y sector privado para metas internacionales de conservación.

Componentes principales:

icono fondo innovación

This fund’s purpose is to provide technical and financial support to member Conservation Trust Funds from RedLAC and CAFÉ to study, replicate, and scale up innovative financial mechanisms that engage the private sector in biodiversity conservation.

Through an external Selection Committee, 10 Conservation Trust Funds were selected to receive between €50,000 and €150,000 to implement the following financial mechanisms

icono mentorías

Mentoring is a powerful process of exchanging knowledge, guidance and growth, beneficial to both the Mentor and Mentee. The main objectives of this program are to (1) strengthen CTFs’ capacities and practices, and (2) support CTFs in overcome specific issues, replicate best practices, and adapt solutions to their local context with the specialized support of a more experienced CTF.

In the Mentorship Program, the Mentor corresponds to a CTF that wishes to share their experiences, practical knowledge, and trajectory in a specific topic related to working with the private sector with one or more Mentees. The Mentee wishes to strengthen their organizational capabilities through lessons, experiences, and expertise offered by the Mentor, in a practical, tailored, and first-hand manner.

Each pair/group received a grant of 20,000 euros to cover their virtual and face-to-face activities. This is the list of selected mentorship experiences  📄

icono gestión

The Working Groups Program aims to strengthen CTFs’ capacity by creating spaces to exchange knowledge, share information, improve communication, and generate specialized expertise on how to better collaborate with the private sector in conservation initiatives.

Starting August 2024, the BRIDGE Project will support 7 working groups on topics related to private sector engagement for the participation of RedLAC and CAFÉ members:

RedLAC members’ working groups:

  • Fundraising and financial sustainability
  • Monitoring and evaluation/impact assessment

  • Communication with the private sector

CAFÉ members’ working groups:

  • Fundraising and financial sustainability
  • Funding mechanisms around nature-based solutions
  • Monitoring and evaluation/impact assessment

For both RedLAC & CAFÉ members:

  • Knowledge exchange and CTF operations
  • Gestión del conocimiento y de la información


The project represents an investment of €4.830.000 from various sources: the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) whit €2.227.500, Mava Foundation  whit €357.500, and in-kind contributions and leveraged funds from RedLAC and CAFÉ member Environmental Funds (€2,245,000). BRIDGE will run from 2022 to 2026.

Herramienta de autoevaluación

La “Herramienta de autoevaluación para fondos ambientales” permite a los fondos ambientales evaluar de manera periódica su desempeño para así aumentar su impacto en los esfuerzos mundiales de conservación de la biodiversidad.

La versión actualizada de la herramienta fue generada por Impact House de Grant Thornton Países Bajos bajo el liderazgo de Conservation Finance Alliance y el proyecto BRIDGE.


BRIDGE Project

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