Self-Assessment Tool for Conservation Trust Funds

This “Self-Assessment Tool for Conservation Trust Funds” is a user-friendly and dynamic instrument that allows Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) to periodically assess their performance to increase their impact on global biodiversity conservation efforts.

This tool offers an intuitive approach based on the “2020 Practice Standards for CTFs“, depending on the CTF stage of evolution or other aspects of its context.

Based on the results, the tool provides tailored practical recommendations and links to external resources to improve organizational management. 

Download the user’s manual and the self-assessment tool from the links below.


The updated version of the “Self-Assessment Tool for CTFs” was made possible by Impact House by Grant Thornton Netherlands under the leadership of the Conservation Finance Alliance and the “Bridge: Conservation with the Private Sector” project, an initiative that benefits the CTFs networks RedLAC and CAFÉ thanks to funding from Fundación Mava and FFEM, as well as the coordination of Forever Costa Rica.

This instrument is based on the “2020 Practice Standards for CTFs”, a joint effort of the Conservation Finance Alliance with a task force of more than 20 relevant stakeholders from CTFs that updated the successful original 2014 version.

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