Community Foundations Network

The “Forming and Strengthening a Network of Community Foundations in Costa Rica” project is a 2-year, $300,000 initiative funded by the C.S. Mott Foundation.

This project involves 7 non-profit organizations located in rural and coastal areas of the country.

Community foundations and funds are a mechanism for promoting territories and sustainable development, based on local needs and partnerships with national and international public and private actors

They are organizations with territorial roots that empower community actors by accompanying them and obtaining financing for development projects.


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1. To establish a network of community foundations in Costa Rica.

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2. To strengthen community foundations in their organizational, communication and financial capacities.

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3. To position the movement as a key actor for sustainable development.

Participating Organizations

Corcovado Foundation

The Corcovado Foundation seeks to protect Costa Rica’s natural heritage through education, community empowerment, strengthening protected wildlife areas, and promoting sustainable tourism.

Asociación Mar a Mar

The Mar a Mar Association is dedicated to the nexus between encouraging sustainable tourism, fostering the socioeconomic development of rural communities, and promoting biodiversity protection.

In its role as a Community Fund, it creates value, mobilizes resources, and forges partnerships among donors, grassroots organizations, and community entrepreneurs, basing these efforts on community philanthropy.

Fundación Comunitaria La Cruz

The La Cruz Community  Foundation promotes funding opportunities for community organizations, leaders, and micro and small businesses in the canton to improve the quality of life of its citizens.

Monteverde Community Fund

The Monteverde Community Fund accompanies and promotes by linking resources and capacities to local grassroots initiatives, seeking sustainable development and quality of life in the territory.

Guanacaste Community Fund

The Guanacaste Community Fund seeks to empower organizations, leaders and communities in the province of Guanacaste, being a bridge between donors, cooperation agencies and institutions with the living forces of the region. 

Somos Foundation

The SOMOS Foundation promotes initiatives along the Central and South Pacific coast to build resilient communities through sustainable development, community safety and social enterprise.

Nicoya Peninsula
Community Fund

The Nicoya Peninsula Community Fund was born from the realization that many of the small communities of the Nicoya Peninsula suffer from similar recurring problems and would benefit from strengthened inter- and intra-community collaboration.

Blue and Green Economy

The “Forming and Strengthening a Network of Community Foundations in Costa Rica” is part of our Green and Blue Economy Program.  Learn more:

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