We have a committed multidisciplinary team that works for conservation and human wellbeing.

Katy de la Garza

Executive Director

Jean Paul Rugama Ledezma

Financial - Administrative Manager

Mónica Gamboa Poveda

Conservation Manager

Nash Ugalde Hidalgo

Communications and Public Relations Coordinator

Adriana Baltodano Fuentes

Programme Officer

Adolfo Artavia Rodríguez

Programme Officer

Luis Fonseca López

Marine Conservation Officer

Leonardo García Molina

BRIDGE Project Coordinator

Olman Jiménez Ríos

People Project Coordinator

Marcia Carranza Vargas

Community Outreach Officer

Luis Diego Aguilar Monge

Luis Diego Aguilar Monge

Coordinador de proyecto

Andrea Sécola Villasmil

Development and Partnership Officer

Catalina Coto Calderón

Conservation technician

Joseph Lacayo Castrillo

Process Analyst

Dorian Mora Aráuz

Financial Specialist

Shirley Ellis Mora

Financial Specialist

Daniel Oporta Marchena


Daniel Alfaro Mejías

Financial-Administrative Professional

Lucía Granados Ramírez

Human Development Manager.

Rafael Molina Fuentes

Administrative Assistant

José Roberto Madriz Chaves

Governance and Administration Officer

Denisse Barrantes Sánchez

Law Professional

Cristina Sánchez Godínez

Project Manager

Natalia Fernandez Abarca

Communication and Content Officer

During March and April please send notifications through email and contact us at +506 8652-4860. We are getting ready to receive you in our new home.

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