Policies and safeguards

At Forever Costa Rica we began the implementation of an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS), in line with our commitment to sustainability.

As part of this system, we have developed policies, procedures and standards that facilitate the identification of risks, environmental and social effects to reduce impacts on biodiversity, the environment, and communities. 

The defined standards will allow us to improve the performance of our activities and those of our partners to comply with the criteria established by international environmental and social safeguards.

System Components

1. Commitment to sustainability

2. Relationship with stakeholders

3. Risks and impacts

4. Management programs

5. Capacity and competency plan

6. Emergency preparedness

7. Communications and complaints

8. Accountability mechanisms

9. Monitoring and evaluation of the System

Commitment to sustainability

FCR is  committed to working in partnerships, respecting biodiversity, human rights, ethics and legality in the places where we operate, to achieve concrete results with our projects for which we can be accountable in a transparent manner.

We seek to extend this sustainability pathway to stakeholders and allies, respecting their needs, expectations, and realities, striving for a common goal to leave a positive legacy for present and future generations.